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SHARE has produced three short videos on Data Protection, Cyber Security and Freedom of Expression , all connected to events that were held in October. You can watch the videos here:

All you need to know about data protection on the internet

All you need to know about security on the internet

All you need to know about harassment on the internet


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Gong is an interdisciplinary research laboratory, social watchdog and a think-do tank focused on enhancing democratic processes and institutions as well as developing democratic political culture. Over the last 25 years of public engagement Gong has changed from a grassroots organization into one of Croatia’s most influential and vocal advocacy organization grounded in strong and focused policy research and close collaboration with investigative journalists, policy experts and engaged in a number of legislative and policy monitoring initiatives geared towards greater transparency and fairness of the electoral process, management of conflict of interest of public officials, improved access to information, more inclusive policy-making, greater political accountability, increased civic participation and resilient civil society. Gong’s core portfolio includes democratization, anti-corruption, fair elections, civic education, active civil society, safe and progressive digital environment and responsible media.

‘Pro-fact: Research, education, fact-check and debunk COVID-19 related disinformation narratives in Croatia’ through research, awareness-raising, and capacity-building methods, the project comprehensively approaches the social, political, and health problem of spreading disinformation campaigns related to COVID-19. As an effective response to the challenges for democracy and society, the project sees a combination of different expertise and methods – attacking sources/actors, networks, reasoning, and disinformation narratives from different spheres and combining techniques.

Parlameter is a project built around digital tool that collects and analyzes voting data, transcripts of sessions, as well as other activities of MPs and parliamentary groups.

Within EU operational support, we are conducting awareness raising and educational campaign on possible risks for democracy due to Big tech companies’ influence on new technologies and their impact on democratic values in the EU and Croatia. Gong has participated in numerous campaigns and actions on EU level aimed at advancing the Digital Services Act.


Gong is citizens’ megaphones: disrupting corruption and building liberal democracy.


Since it was founded in 2000, the Montenegro Media Institute , as a non-profit CSO, has been strongly devoted to improving media community status in Montenegro. As the first professional media association in Montenegro, MMI was and remained dedicated to harmonizing the media community’s interests, improving professional standards, and developing media and information literacy skills in society. Led by these goals, MMI works on improving media-related policies and laws through participation in different working bodies. MMI is continuously working on the capacity building of local CSO and media organizations through grant schemes and mentoring for the third year in a row. Through the years of work, MMI has developed a strong network of journalists, educators of different backgrounds, interns who are jointly advocating for community improvement in Montenegro. MMI has extensive experience in the management of projects, research of media, training and education, as well as media campaigns. MMI has developed several professional training programs for journalists, media workers, high and primary school teachers, NGO activists, university students, high and primary school students. The focus of our work in the last few years is the promotion of media literacy and gender equality and the strengthening of media education in general. MMI is one of the pioneers of strengthening media and information literacy in society and is very engaged in introducing the subject in primary and secondary schools. In that regard, MMI is a part of a joint effort of educational institutions, media authorities, universities, the media community, NGO’s and relevant organizations from the region.

These are our social media profiles:


MMI work is dedicated to harmonizing the media community’s interests, improving professional standards, and developing media and information literacy skills in society. We address different target groups – state institutions, the media community, CSO’s, students, primary and high school children, citizens throughout various activities. In the past several years, MMI has had several projects focusing on strengthening the quality and credibility of journalism in Montenegro and developing media literacy policy and practice in society. Additionally, a particular focus is on the young and those living in small towns and rural areas vulnerable to disinformation, propaganda and hate speech. Within that, several publications were published, such as: Analysis of narratives containing hate speech and disinformation , National regulatory and self-regulatory framework against hate speech and disinformation , Media literacy for all students , etc.

MMI strongly advocates for developing media literacy policies aimed at strengthening citizens’ critical thinking and resilience to toxic information in the digital environment. MMI is active in creating media strategy and improving media legislation in Montenegro.

MMI is a pioneer in advancing media literacy policies in the country through coordination with different stakeholders, numerous research, campaigns, education, and networking with similar organizations in South-East Europe, EU counties, Great Britain, and the US.

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