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Homo Digitalis is the only Non-Governmental Organization that focuses on the protection of digital rights in Greece. Our purpose is to promote and protect the fundamental rights and freedoms in the digital world, when these are challenged or jeopardized.

The priorities of Homo Digitalis are centered around the right to privacy, the protection of personal data, freedom of expression and freedom of opinion, freedom of information, property rights, access to justice and the prohibition of discrimination. Founded in 2018, Homo Digitalis has over 100 members (regular members and volunteer members) and all our resources are directly invested in our work.

We help the legislators understand issues related to human rights in the contemporary digital era. Additionally, we raise public awareness regarding digital rights by organizing public campaigns, contributing in common actions and publishing informative content. Moreover, when digital rights are jeopardized by public or private actors, we carry out investigations, conduct studies and proceed to legal actions.

Homo Digitalis is a full member ofEuropean Digital Rights (EDRi) , which is one the most prominent unions of organizations in our area of action globally. We cooperate with other organizations in Greece, with digital rights specialists, but also non-specialists, who demonstrate a profound interest in our scope and actions. Finally, we cooperate with foreign organizations working in other States, which have similar aspirations and activities.


In an evolving technological environment, risks and challenges to privacy and fundamental human rights emerge not only from criminals, but increasingly from governments and governmental agencies and organizations. These risks have skyrocketed in the past two years due to accelerated migration of our societies to cloud platforms and apps.

In response to these challenges, Homo Digitalis in cooperation with various organizations have initiated the following actions.

  1. Following our request the Hellenic DPA launched an investigation into the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum regarding the supply and installation of the HYPERION and KENTAUROS systems in reception and accommodation facilities for asylum seekers ( ).
  2. Ahead of the Digital Services Act negotiations, Homo Digitalis joined EDRi and 70 civil society organizations called on 20 ministries and state secretaries to ban pervasive online tracking practices and preserve privacy ( ).
  3. More than 40 civil rights organizations led by EDRi and Fair Trials, including Homo Digitalis, urged the EU to ban AI predictive and profiling systems in law enforcement and criminal justice in the AI Act ( ).

You may find more actions in our page:

In addition to the actions above and in the context of raising awareness, Homo Digitalis has collaborated with (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter and ICSI Hellas to create and publish a series of animated videos for kids and families. You may watch all videos in our YouTube channel

Homo Digitalis’ super power is the diversity and enthusiasm of our members. Our members span across a multidisciplinary spectrum – from lawyers to security professionals and IT managers to educators. The diversity of our members allow us to approach each emerging topic from various angles – not only the judicial one – aiming at making data privacy and security accessible to as many people as possible.


Association IMPETUS – Center for Internet, Development and Good Governance – Skopje is a non-governmental organization that fosters digital and good governance.

The Mission is defined as “development and promotion of the principles of good governance and protection of human rights in a society, through adoption and implementation of good practices, education, research and networking.”

It was established in September 2018 by 5 experts from different areas of expertise and background and that is its added value. It has portfolio in 4 different programs:

  1. Privacy and Internet
  2. Security
  3. Good Governance & Human Rights and
  4. Youth Empowerment

IMPETUS’ projects are in the area of Monitoring elections, Capacity building trainings for CSOs and Educational Sector; Anti-corruption Manuals, Media Monitoring, Privacy in Security sector.

I M P E T U S – Center for Internet, Development and Good Governance

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For the parliamentary elections in North Macedonia, June-July 2020, the IMPETUS Association has developed an interactive online map and analysis of the political advertising through billboards during the election campaign , which are available on the official website of the project . Impetus submitted to the Anti-Corruption Commission specific recommendations and proposals for more precise regulation of this type of advertising in the election legislation, based on the conducted research and findings in 2020. Since this area has proven to be of interest to IMPETUS, the monitoring of political advertisements and election process, continued for 2021 local elections, too.

Billboards are considered to be media for outdoor advertising , placed on the most frequent roads/traffic routes attracting drivers/pedestrian’s’ attention, and as commercial advertising objects, they are also used in the election campaigning.

The purpose of this research was to monitor, assess and check the activities of the participants in the election campaign in the local elections 2021, related to outdoor advertising, to identify the challenges arising from the legal framework and the manner of implementation of Article 78 – a of the Electoral Code, referring to billboards advertising. This research analyses presents the results of the location/content monitoring of billboards during the local election campaign in October 2021, within the period from 27.09-15.10.2021 in North Macedonia. IMPETUS developed this online map and produced significant recommendations to change the Election Code’s provisions, proved to be inefficient and unjustified when billboards for political advertising are in question.

Special online map results –

To find a topic of societal importance which no one before has researched and addressed and produce evidence based data to address important issues from democratic good governance aspect.

Out super power is also to have a broad expertise from institutional background, civil society, private sector and youth, through which we gain a multi-stakeholder approach for our work – no one is left behind.

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